The vaan ´sail the planet´ mission

Vaan Yachts makes exciting luxury sail yachts that do not harm the planet. By pushing the boundaries of materials, technology and design, Vaan Yachts contributes to a world where enjoying life and protecting it, go hand in hand. Because they care about saving the planet as much as we care about sailing it.

Circular materials

Vaan Yachts is commited to use only the best, sustainable materials. The hull is made of recycled aluminium and for the interior the finest sustainable materials are used: lyocell as an alternative for silk, a plant-based alternative for leather made of pineapple leaves, cork decking, linen, and certified wood.

This makes the R4 not only ‘circular’, it also creates a warm, cosy atmosphere. As it turns out, the ‘fair’ material is often also the most refined.


Sustainable development goals

As a company and for the customers, Vaan Yachts continually strive to decrease the impact yachting has on the planet. Through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework they have identified their main focus areas: Decent Work (8),  Innovation (9), Responsible Production (12), Climate Action (13), Life Below Water (14) and Life on Land (15).