The team

The Ultimate Catamarans (UC) is a newly formed high-tech group which works ambitiously to revolutionise yacht building and operation, both technologically and cost-efficiently. In the past decade they have been working comprehensively with a wide range of customers with medium yachts from 7m to large yachts up 30m. Further, they have members who solely focus on the catamaran building side with over 20 years of experience in building large catamarans.

Multihull advantages

Due to the large overall width, in relation to length, the stability of the yacht in water increases significantly, and prevents large angles of heel and rolling movements in adverse weather conditions. While monohull motorboats often stay in port from 5 to 6 Beaufort wind speeds, as violent rolling, pitching, and yawing movements are unavoidable for them, the catamaran still lies calmly in the sea. Demonstrating fantastic resilience and stability, catamarans will provide you with a comfort feeling as if they were pulled on rails in the water.


Their vision is to revolutionise the luxury market of motor catamarans offering an innovative range of catamarans with unique design and features, in a completely new way that is not yet available on the market. Our mission is to design a place with spacious multiple-level platform, where all guests and owners could enjoy the atmosphere. Furthermore, tehy were looking to combine the joy of space with the environmental benefit of the solar power concept, and offer not only independence in driving fuel-less, but also the opportunity to enjoy a quite ‘hotel operation’ mode of our unique Ultimate Catamarans.