Solar electric naval architecture

With everything Soel Yachts do they believe in creating a meaningful experience. By following their mission, they create designs that are fully sustainable and highly efficient. Since 2016 Soel Yachts offers solar electric boats, which are fully energy autonomous and silent on the water. As a highly specialised company in the Netherlands, they optimise every boat for our clients needs. Every project benefits from the drive to deliver the best experience, while contributing a positive impact on the wellbeing of people and the environment.

Ocean proven

They share their experience of more than 12 years of solar electric naval architecture with their loyal clients and partners. Naval DC and the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea have supported Soel Yachts tremendously in the past years, in order to set an example for sustainable transport on the water. Together with their fleet of more than 12 energy autonomous free vessels in the Pacific, the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea is committed to empower island nations by providing fully fossil fuel free transport. They are very grateful to be part of this journey, which has a huge impact on the people’s culture, wellbeing and the environment.

Born electric

Right from the first line drawing, every aspect of our solar electric boats is purpose and integral designed and engineered for the highest efficiency for clean solar electric propulsion. Together with our partner Naval DC, the specialists for sustainable drive train systems, our engineering team has a unique skill set of electric naval architecture and electrical system integration. The result: Unprecedented performance and endurance.